We have completed formalizing the aidrop!

Congratulations to all participants, within a few minutes you will all receive the Tokens!

Check your Wallets and continue to support BURN🔥

Here the transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x7382d660c9f722ee604bd5569edef5a46202085f6ab1fa2688391ede2b1806cd

We are working to bring BURN ON THE SUN, but we need everyone’s maximum support.

Let’s do this!🔥🔥


🔥 Hi BURNers 🔥

Only a few hours left to the end of the airdrop and receive 1B Free for each completed task.

You have until this evening at 6.00PM UTC!

>> Be a part in the airdrop: http://burndefi.com/coinhunt

The payments of the completed tasks will be completed at 8.00PM UTC, so you can enjoy our BURN tokens!

Let’s fly to reach the sun and BURN together!

#WeAreBurn 🔥🔥🔥

Hi guys

As promised the BIig Fire is done, a few minutes ago 10.000 Billions Tokens of marketing wallet has been burned Check the TX out:


🔥 Shill Burn, We are ready for the sun! #WeAreBurn 🔥

Today is BurnDay and even today we will have a huge fire, flames are gonna touch the Sky!

🔥 Are you ready?! 🔥

At 20.00 UTM we’ll BURN 10.000 Billions token from Marketing Wallet to prove the God of Fire we are committed to go further in our road to the SUN

BURN is everybody’s project, help us make it grow!

>> Don’t forget to partecipate to our new contest to receive 1B FREE token for each task completed <<



Hi Guys,

🔥 More Big announcements are coming! 🔥

We just completed fullfilling the request for listing on:


Our team is :fire:ON FIRE:fire: and BURN is ready to reach for the SUN ☀️

Bring the heat and shill now!!!

‼️ PS: Remember you also have the opportunity to receive 1B token per task by joining our new shilling contest: http://burndefi.com/coinhunt

Here we are again, the renounce is completed and you can find Proof of Execution here:


Now BURN is truly a people’s project!!!🤝

🔥 Support the project, shill, invite friends, text us for collaborations and give your best to make it grow. 🔥


🔥🔥 Guys, as promised, the biggest BURNday has been completed! 🔥🔥

The BURN wallet has now been 80% burned, here the transaction ID:


BURN Token will become the token of the community!

Help BURN to raise, and we will come to the sun.

#WeAreBurn #Bsc

Here we are guys, our ritual is coming!

In less than 1 hour for the biggest BURNday event ever!!! :fire:
The BURN wallet will be 80% burned!

This will lead to our token becoming more and more for the people, stay on fire! #BSC #BURNDEFI #DEFI

What’s Cranking, BURNers?!??!

Important announcement

In recent days, as you have been able to see from the chat, we were a bit absent. This happened because we worked for a long time behind the scenes about the fate of this project, which is very important to us.

We tested and made some mistakes, even in the selection of marketing and influencer partners, some of them scammed us, but we do not give up. ☀️

All this, however, led us to reflect on the developments of our token and our community, so we made some very important decisions.

Let’s change everything!

From all the marketing projects that we are following today we want to share with you the news about our Poocoin Ads!

In just few days we got 20.000 impressions on the web, and as you can see from our chart the market is feeling this!

Buying more BURN now that we are low can be one of the best choiches at the moment!

We are getting ready to the SUN guys :rocket:


BURN Token Finance

BURN is a deflationary token pointing to the SUN

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